Projects funded or administered by the WDA have provided more than one billion dollars in financial assistance to Local Governmental Agencies to help protect the environment and public health in West Virginia.

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select distinct county from tblprojects order by county

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Here is a list of WDA-assisted projects in the county or counties you selected. A key to the abbreviations for funding source and project type appears below.

select * from tblprojects where county = '#county#' order by county
     Project Funding Amount   Type
     #Project#   #Funding#   #dollarformat(Amount)#   #Type#
    Total:   #dollarformat(total)#    

Key to abbreviations:
Funding Sources:
CWSRF: Clean Water State Revolving Fund
DWTRF: Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund
IJDC: WV Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council
WDA: WV Water Development Authority
Project Types:
ED: Economic Development
W: Water
WW: Wastewater

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